Five musts for business success, How-to

Monday, March 13, 2017

Five musts for business success


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His electric scooters have enabled many European city-dwellers to get around quickly and unhindered. In 2014, he decided to facilitate Quebecers’ urban mobility by setting up his business in Old Montréal. This is how Alexandre Welbers succeeded in business.

1. Build a rock-solid foundation 

When Alexander was a child growing up in Düsselfdorf, he became friends with Patrik, Daniel and Philip Tykesson. In 2008, the Tykesson brother founded an electric scooter company they called Kumpan--the German word for friend. "Even when I was living in Hong Kong, I kept in touch with Patrik, who sometimes called me for advice," recalls Alexander. 

2. Seize opportunities 

During a vacation in Hawaii, Alexander met his future wife, Annie, a Quebecer from Marieville. When their daughter Klara was born in 2014, the couple decided it was time to leave their home in Asia and move to Quebec. "Annie wanted to return to where she grew up, and I thought it was a great idea." 

During this time, Kumpan was becoming a leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe. In 2014, the Tykesson  brothers offered Alexander an interesting business opportunity--one that he couldn't pass up. They asked if he would bring Kumpan to North America.  


3. Give people what they want 

Kumpan Electric made its North American debut on rue Queen in Old Montreal. One year later, scooter sales had doubled. So we asked Alexander what his secret was; how did Kumpan do so well when only 1% of Quebecers have heard of the company? "Every one of our customers has had a positive experience with us and they tell their friends about it. Word of mouth, that's how we expanded in Europe."

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