Progressing in the business world thanks to adoption


Thursday, December 21, 2017
Jean-Philippe Carmona, a Quebec entrepreneur, thinks he is very privileged to have been selected by the Adopte Inc. The relationship with his mentor opened doors which have greatly facilitated the growth of his company.

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Although the founding president of Caboma--a company that develops custom digitized products using a scanner--came out of the experience excited and having grown a lot from it, he also really appreciated making a true friend with whom he's built a lasting relationship.

Productive discussions

Once a month, Carmona and Guy Cormier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Desjardins Group met over a nice meal to discuss Carmona's business. They talked about his dreams and vision, his day-to-day, as well as his worries and concerns. 

They covered everything! "He listened very carefully, always asked very relevant questions, got me thinking about certain things and every time he connected me with someone who could help me move forward. Always the right person at the right time. Mr. Cormier is a very intelligent and sensitive man. He trusted me by giving me access to his huge network of contacts," says Carmona.

Cormier's commitment showed up in many ways, some of them unusual. One example: during a major talk he gave to members of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, he took the time to tell the audience about his rewarding experience with Carmona and his company, going so far as to encourage them to give him their support. "This man was incredibly generous!" says Carmona.

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