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Johanie Créative inc.: Creating your dream job , Johanie Vigneault’s Story

Friday, March 17, 2017

Johanie Créative inc.: Creating your dream job

Johanie Vigneault’s Story

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It was a turn of events that led Johanie Vigneault to go into business, going from actuarial science… to creative, festive baking. There was a strong demand for her creations and projects have been non-stop for the owner of Johanie Créative inc. We met with the woman who created her ideal job and whose mission is to inspire creativity.

1. What would say is your go-to tech tool to get everything done? 

My iPhone! I thought I put it in the dryer this week and my heart almost stopped! I do everything from my cellphone: answer emails, manage social media, take photos, research suppliers, deposit cheques, make money transfers, get directions, call an Uber, book a car2go, text my helpers, call my points of sale, etc.

I also use Facetime to connect with my family or friends when I'm too busy for a visit. I really can't live without my iPhone! 

2. How do you deal with stress? 

When a task seems daunting, I tell myself "you always get through it." It's like a reminder that no matter how difficult the moment may be, I will overcome it even if it means putting in a lot of effort and energy. In the end, I will be proud of myself!  

Someone once told me: "If you're not a little uncomfortable with your first version, it's because you didn't come up with it earlier." That goes against the control freak and perfectionist in me. It always reminds me that it's best to give it a go and readjust later than to not try at all.

3. Was there a key moment or something that changed for you that got you to open your own business?

Since my business is still in the start-up phase, I can talk about what set me on the entrepreneur path. I have a bachelor's degree in actuarial science and, until a few years ago, I never thought that I'd one day become an entrepreneur. Circumstances, Pinterest (!) and a great deal of soul searching on what I wanted to accomplish led me to open my own business. 

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