A helping hand for your intrapreneurial project, Contest

A helping hand for your intrapreneurial project


Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you brimming with innovative ideas? Could your business project also be good for another business? The Intrapreneurial Initiative invites you to enter a competition and win a place in the next session of the Intrapreneurial Program!


What is intrapreneurship?

Intrapreneurship occurs within a company that is working towards renewing its positioning and conquering new markets. The process can lead to the creation of a new entity or simply new services. In short, it is about creating an environment that encourages employees to take initiative and develop business projects.


The Intrapreneurial Program: 12 weeks of coaching

By participating in the competition, you could win a place in the third session of the Intrapreneurial Program and have an opportunity to develop your project and maximize its success.


You will benefit from three months of assistance from qualified experts and renowned keynote speakers. You will receive the tailored advice, learning modules and coaching you need to attain your objectives.


Good to know

To be eligible for the competition, you need to have:

  • An existing host business that is ready to share its resources so that your project can succeed;
  • A sponsor within the business who has agreed to coach you along the way and support you during the program;
  • An innovative idea that you are passionate about.

Do not wait any longer, you have until August 21 to enter!


For more information or to register:

Visit the Intrapreneurial Initiative website at


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