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All for one and one for all, The story of Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken

Thursday, October 8, 2015

All for one and one for all

The story of Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken

Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken heads TP1, a digital creative agency founded in Montreal in 2005. This entrepreneur based his ever-evolving company on two pillars: innovation and collaboration.

For ten years, Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken worked as a computer consultant – that’s 10 years spent understanding the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele. And 10 years spent working alone tooHe wanted to put an end to the solitude that led him, at 29, to found TP1 (an acronym for Tous pour un, meaning “All for one”).

“I wanted to build an entity that would last, that would eventually surpass me,” says Vanderveken. “More than anything, I wanted to surround myself with people that I would work with and build relationships in a business that would leave its mark.”

Never stop developing your business model and your methods

The agency’s business plan has developed quickly over the years and its services have improved, with design services, user experience, communication and digital strategy now added to the mix. “We always try to be in tune with our changing clientele,” explains Vanderveken, “and we’re always looking to add value and inspiration.”

“Every innovation today will become a commodity tomorrow. The entrepreneur must be able to anticipate the needs of his customers.”

— Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken

The agency also seeks to innovate in its methods, especially in terms of human resources. Stimulating creativity and team spirit are central to its priorities. Always on the lookout for innovative and playful ideas, last year the agency organized its first Lunch Beat, a concept imported from Sweden where people are invited to get together during the lunch hour for a dance and musical break. “It’s the only business lunch that you can’t afford to miss!” says Vanderveken with a smirk.

Engaged in the community

For Vanderveken, it is important to support the community in order for it to grow, so the Montreal entrepreneur invests himself in the causes he believes in. In addition to being a Director of the Association of Quebec Advertising Agencies, Vanderveken has always served on boards of NPOs such as Alliance numérique.

TP1 also dedicates its volunteer and financial support to the theatrical arts community. This year marks the beginning of a collaboration with Festival TransAmériques that will extend over several years.

“Entrepreneurs don’t live alone in isolation. They need to be active members of their community, be generous and understand that they need to have a presence for the future generations of entrepreneurs that will take over.”

All for one!

TP1 in figures

  • 40: The number of agency employees
  • 30: The number of awards won at local, national and international levels
  • 50: The number of active clients
  • 2015: The year that marks the 10th anniversary of the agency

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