The most-read articles and videos of 2017, 2017 Winners

Friday, December 22, 2017

The most-read articles and videos of 2017

2017 Winners

Be sure not to miss the most inspiring entrepreneurs on the Quebec scene this past year with Devenir entrepreneur’s four most-read articles and videos of 2017!

1.  The Right Questions: Do entrepreneurs need to find the idea of the century?

Elon Musk of Tesla Motors and Jeff Bezos of Amazon are each revolutionizing the business world in his own way. But novel ideas are not necessarily a measure of success. When we put the question to entrepreneurs for our web series The Right Questions, they responded that business success is often a matter of execution.

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2. The Right Questions: Do you have to give everything up to start a business?

While some entrepeneurs jump into their business idea full-time from the start, others allow their idea to slowly simmer while nuturing it on a part-time basis. Is there only one winning recipe for ensuring entrepreneurial success? Quebec entrepreneurs answered that question for our web series The Right Questions.

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3. The Right Questions: Failure: Challenge or opportunity? 

The path to entrepreurship is often strewn with failure, whether major or minor. But hitting a wall doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the entrepreneurial road. In this video, seasoned vets explain how they dealt with failure.

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4.  Environment and health on Prana’s menu 

After returning from a long trip to India, Marie-Josée Richer and Alon Farber launched Prana out of the desire to offer more organic, vegan, fair-trade and non-GMO products to consumers. Their goal was to change the world one snack at a time. While the company started off as a basement business project, today it’s staking out its territory in the United States while staying true to its initial vision.

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