The 5 most-read articles in 2018, Hit List

Friday, January 11, 2019

The 5 most-read articles in 2018

Hit List

Here are the five articles that attracted the most attention from readers of Devenir entrepreneur in 2018. Don’t miss the chance to discover or rediscover tales of the most inspiring careers and growth trajectories and top advice for those looking to start a business.

1. Maison Orphée: Shared tastes

The Bélanger sisters have never looked back since taking over the oil fabrication and import business started by their father, who had initially acquired the business. Since assuming control, the sisters have created new products and worked to inspire Quebecers to be more experimental when it comes to what they put on their plates.


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2. Womance: Making pop-ups permanent

What started as a straightforward online clothing and accessory store became a hybrid business model combining physical pop-up stores and online sales. The formula developed by entrepreneur Andréanne Marquis responds to consumers’ desire to actually see the clothing offered online before purchasing and their craving for interesting shopping experiences, thereby giving clients a whole new reason to visit the shopping mall.


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3. Regaining a taste for entrepreneurship, three times a day

Like Andréanne Marquis, Marilou Bourdon began her career in show business before switching to a more personal project that was closer to her interests. Trois fois par jour (“Three Times a Day”) was created out of a desire to share her interest in healthy food in a way that was free of any feelings of guilt or judgment. After experiencing rapid growth, the founder now oversees the website’s content, the publication of books and magazines, two web stores (Trois fois par jour and Petite Lou & Co.) and a panoply of collaborations with large companies such as supermarket chain IGA.

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4. Hopper: Growth as a destination

Frédéric Lalonde was no stranger to the world of travel before launching Hopper, having already served as vice-president at Expedia. The application he first launched in 2007 and has continued to develop from his home base in Montreal is among the top-ranking travel apps in North America. Allowing users to take advantage of the best flight and hotel prices by making predictions based on available information and data processed by AI, Hopper revolutionizes the travel planning process.

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5. Quebec accelerators: Support to enhance creation

What is the effect of incubators within the entrepreneurial community? What role do they play? What issues do they address? A dynamic force in Quebec in recent years, incubators often represent a major springboard for young businesses in the launch phase.


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