How to Become an Accomplished Intrapreneur, How-to

Monday, May 9, 2016

How to Become an Accomplished Intrapreneur


Whether it is repositioning a brand, discovering new opportunities or creating new businesses, intrapreneurship should be encouraged. Discover a new trend in the business community and the tools needed to be an excellent intrapreneur!

Ensuring succession

According to the Business Family Foundation, 30% of business owners in Quebec will retire by 2023 and only 5% of young people want to take over. Intrapreneurship is a possible avenue to explore in order to ensure the sustainability and growth of an organization. For family businesses, intrapreneurship is a bridge between the new generation and outgoing leadership.

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Lack of funding is often a major factor in deterring young people from pursuing a business idea. The intrapreneur, however, enjoys the support of their company’s structure and organization. They benefit from technical, human and financial resources long established by the parent company. In short, a framework conducive to the realization of their ambitions is already in place

Courses for the young leaders of tomorrow

To optimize and promote successful intrapreneurial development, training and support are offered within the province. In May 2016, the Business Family Foundation launched “Initiative Intrapreneurial”, a 14-week training course (Coaching and eLearning) for aspiring intrapreneurs. The course is structured around six themes that tackle a variety of issues from self-diagnosis to the famous "pitch". Different learning styles are represented like personalized support, webinars or video case studies. The initiative’s aim is to sharpen tomorrow’s young leaders’ judgement so that they will be equipped to autonomously distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of their business projects.

Courses for "godparents"

A second type of training is available to "godparents", that is to say the owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and administrators who want to foster   an intrapreneurial culture within their organization. Experienced guides would support and help maximize the benefits of the intrapreneurial projects they intend to put forward.

Mitch Garber, CEO of Caesars Interactive Entertainment Inc., is a firm believer in these types of programs. "By adopting an intrapreneurial attitude, you find more than just vision, you create synergy-generating growth for all your projects. What’s more, by using the resources within a business, you increase the spin-off’s chances of success! " he says.

Initiative Intrapreneurial’s first session for future intrapreneurs and "sponsors" will start on 1 September. Consult the full program.

Provincial entrepreneurs, do not over look intrapreneurs!  Agents of growth may be hiding in plain sight.

If intrapreneurship speaks to you, take this quiz and discover your intrapreneurial profile!