Knowing how to anticipate your clients’ needs, How-to

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Knowing how to anticipate your clients’ needs


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“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” This quote by Henry Ford reminds us of just how important it is for an entrepreneur to know his market, but especially, to have confidence in one’s vision. If one of the factors of business success is to meet a need, it’s possible that sometimes the consumer is unaware of that. The following is a testimonial of entrepreneurs who successfully anticipated the future needs and desires of their clients.

Believing in something against all odds

Starting a project that wasn’t taken seriously: this was the challenge faced by Marie-France Côté Nolet and Émilie Wake when they started Braincamp in 2015.

“When we told our close friends and family about our project to create a conference that would rethink creativity, people told us that it seemed like a cool idea, but didn’t actually believe it would work”, recollects Marie-France Côté Nolet.

Be that as it may, these instigators were not about to be stopped by the scepticism of others. They were determined to revisit the whole idea of innovation. The two Montreal entrepreneurs launched the project they held so dear to their hearts with only two and a half months’ notice, without any experience in event planning, a market study or even a business plan. “If we had done any analyses before starting, we never would have followed through with our idea,” says Marie-France Côté Nolet.

And what a shame that would have been. Braincamp has been tremendously successful since its very first edition: each one of its bi-annual events was sold-out. “Nobody told us that they were looking for an event like ours, but after attending, they said that it’s exactly what they needed to harness their creativity and it gave them a new perspective on their everyday lives,” explains the Braincamp co-founder.

What did she take away from this experience? “You have to believe in your idea and don’t get stuck on the details, otherwise you won’t go ahead with the project. And then you may have missed an amazing opportunity.”

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