Inspiring the start-up spirit in Quebec

OSEntreprendre Challenge

Friday, November 18, 2016

Registration deadline : March 14, 2016

The    was known until recently as the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest.

It consists of three levels – local, regional and national – for which prizes totalling $700,000 are distributed annually. With its Student Entrepreneurship division, which recognizes elementary-school to university-level students, and its Business Creation division, which supports new entrepreneurs, the OSEntreprendre Challenge boasts more than 40,000 participants. The OSEntreprendre Challenge relies on the work of more than 350 representatives throughout Quebec – a key ingredient in its success!

The Business Creation division of the OSEntreprendre Challenge

Through the establishment of new businesses, those who are both bold and determined can find personal fulfilment as well as help develop industry in their region. Whether achieved through collective endeavours or as individuals, their businesses are crucial to the development of an innovative, dynamic and prosperous Quebec. As a home-grown pride generator, OSEntreprendre gives some 2,000 new entrepreneurs the annual opportunity, via the Business Creation division and its contest, to set up their project, obtain grants, develop their network and express their passion!

Taking on the OSEntreprendre Challenge in five steps

  1. Develop your dream and act on it: Let yourself be guided and encouraged by your peers and community.
  2. Put your entrepreneurial project into words: Complete an official registration in one of the different categories.
  3. Climb the ladder: Move from the local to the regional to the national level.
  4. Convince the jury: Present yourself at the gala, represent your region, gain access to grants.
  5. Gain confidence: Develop your network and contacts, put your project out there and make it happen.

Getting a boost

Although financial assistance helps, so do the gains in credibility, visibility and network and contact development provided by the challenge. Lufa Farms Inc., the national winner of the 2011 edition and the world’s first commercial greenhouse housed under a roof, attracted investor attention from around the globe after participating in the OSEntreprendre Challenge. Today, the company, founded by Mohamed Hage, is a major player in Montreal and is inspiring similar initiatives throughout the world.

“You can save yourself a lot of time and energy by listening to the advice of those who have already started their own business! Follow your instincts, be open to others and, above all, have fun! Quebec needs entrepreneurs like you!”

— Mohamed Hage, 2011 winner

Good to know

Young people, with the help of schools, can change the world by creating their own projects. Whether it’s creating a community garden at the age of 6 or sending a new application to a university, the Student Entrepreneurship division allows good ideas to flourish. Projects such as these have positive effects on self-confidence, identity and academic conscientiousness which impact annually the more than 38,000 young people who choose to undertake them as part of their desire to learn. All participants will receive an official attestation of their work, while 10,000 of those who participate will receive an additional boost to their pride through the Valoris “Believe in yourself and OSEntreprendre” award, intended for students from disadvantaged areas.

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