A company culture that is all about being green

Anie Rouleau’s Words of Wisdom

Monday, April 18, 2016
I am the founder of Baleco, a company that makes cleaning products in bulk. Our products are eco-friendly and have no fragrances, in order to be the healthiest, safest products for both humans and the environment.

Beyond wanting to offer products that are both safe and effective, I really wanted us to stand out for our corporate philosophy. For us, there are more important things than dollars and growth curves: the positive impact a company has on the environment, the community, the lives of its customers as well as that of its employees is the true measure of success.


Sustainable development is part of Baleco’s DNA. It is at the heart of all of our decisions. We are constantly looking to create a balance between our goals - economic, social or environmental – and the welfare of future generations. Concretely, this translates in different ways.

“ We decided to focus our efforts where we believe our actions will have the greatest positive impact, in three main areas: in our suppliers, packaging and ingredients. ”

Anie Rouleau

To participate in the local economy, we favoured local suppliers, family businesses or smaller companies, which we’ve accomplished at 99%. In the interest of transparency, all our suppliers must complete a detailed questionnaire about their products and their different environmental, human and governance policies. We then evaluate their responses with our responsible purchasing policy.

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When it comes to packaging, we have adopted an approach that reduces waste directly at source. We promote an eco-friendly concept that relies on customers coming to fill up their containers at filling stations. We strongly encourage buying in bulk, which prevents the burial of thousands of plastic bottles annually. Consider for a moment the positive economic and environmental impact on material costs, transportation, production and waste management!


Transparency in at the core of our beliefs, the list of ingredients used in the manufacturing of our products can be found on our labels. Also, Leaping Bunny certifies our products. This program ensures that every supplier we work with fills out a signed statement assuring that their ingredients, recipes and finished products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Finally, we are proud to be the first Canadian company to obtain a B Corp certification, which provides us with the tools to measure our efforts and fulfill our commitment to our employees, our community and our environment.

All in all, for us, sustainable development is a process that is more of a corporate culture than a final result. This does not mean that our work ends here. There is no shortage of objectives to reach, and we are constantly improving our practices. We are building a company based on transparency, a company that earns the trust of its customers and in turn, are proud to be our clients!


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