5 Steps to a Stronger You, and a Stronger Business


Thursday, July 28, 2016
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Entrepreneurs often find themselves exposed to risks. Some risks generate a feeling of unease, while others can provoke real fear. How can this fear be managed so we can move forward? Here are a few valuable pieces of advice from an entrepreneurship expert.

"Fear is the common denominator for all types of entrepreneurs," says Yves Plourde, a coach and trainer at an entrepreneurship school in Beauce, Quebec. "As a group, entrepreneurs tend to have more than their fair share of uncertainty in their lives... Not to mention insomnia and nightmares," he adds.

According to Plourde, if you recognize that fear is a natural emotion and learn how to tame it, you can transform it into an extraordinary source of energy--and an asset for your business.

Getting out of your comfort zone

The energy behind that feeling of fear can be a motivator to get out of your comfort zone. And that motivation can increase your chances of success in your business venture.

"First, you need to understand your fear before you can use it. Then, you need to figure out how to face it and overcome it to be able to work toward your goals. Even if you do something and it doesn't succeed, you need pick yourself up, try again and keep working toward your goal. All of that requires a healthy dose of courage and determination."

How to use your fears to your advantage

Plourde says there are 5 things you can do to get over your fears and use them to your advantage:

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