Managing growth

Shawinigan entrepreneurs share their experiences

Friday, October 5, 2018
When it comes to growth, it’s important to plan ahead and anticipate its effects in order to make it sustainable. From hiring to marketing products, our entrepreneurs present a few valuable lessons that are worth learning.
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Kim Berthiaume of Affordance Studio had to face some resource planning challenges that accompanied an accumulation of mandates. Like many others, her first instinct was to hire more people until she realized another strategy was possible.

“We decided to establish strategic partnerships with other people and form a team with them if we didn’t have the internal resources we needed.” 

Kim Berthiaume

Managing growth also translated into a human resources challenge for Rum&Code’s Félix-Antoine Huard, who turned to an organic growth plan based on maximizing his team’s potential following a hiring phase.

For others, the challenge involved the need to rethink their marketing and sales strategy. As Bertrand Gauvreau of Andromeda Technologies explains, “The first project we did ended with the realization that most people weren’t interested in it. So our subsequent strategy was to do things in reverse: to sell the product before we had even created it.”

This episode of Objective: Growth was created in collaboration with Shawinigan’s DigiHub