The Defining Moment · Friday, February 12, 2016

Becoming an entrepreneur by helping Berber women: real beauty

Richard Morin’s story

During an internship in Morocco, Melissa Harvey discovered a co-op of Berber women who cultivate argan trees with the purpose of producing argan oil, a versatile product with many properties.

She wanted to help these women, so she bought a batch of their oil, which she resold back in Montreal at the Jean-Talon Market. It was an instant success; Melissa depleted her stock very quickly. She then co-founded Zorah biocosmétiques with Richard Morin. “When you have an idea, you have to believe in it, persevere and then make it happen when the opportunity presents itself.”

« At Zorah biocosmétiques, we want to do things differently, to create a better world. »

— Melissa Harvey

For this entrepreneurial duo, in business as in life, there are two things to remember. The human approach is paramount, and innovation is a priority.

Through its research and development process, the company is able to create organic and innovative treatments without any synthetic or artificial by-products.

Today, Zorah biocosmétiques is the only company in North America to offer entirely organic cosmetics that are eco-friendly and fair-trade. These products compete with the cosmetic world’s big players, whose products are made using synthetic ingredients.

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